The 4 Anti-Success Beliefs – Kick ‘Em Out of Your Home Care Business

When clients come to us looking to grow their home care business, most of them automatically think that their BIGGEST challenge will be STRATEGY.

  • “Is my home care business structured correctly?”

    Kick out the anti-success toxic thoughts from your home care business.

    Kick out the anti-success toxic thoughts from your home care business.

  • “Do I need a different business model?”
  • “Do I have the website, online marketing, ads?”

Don’t get me wrong, you DO need a solid strategy…

But the truth is, what really holds most people back is their mindset.

You might have a great strategy, but if you have toxic beliefs, and self-sabotaging doubt and fear, then your mindset is working AGAINST you.

While there’s a TON of different beliefs that can wreak havoc on your mindset, I want to focus on 4 that I’ve seen pop up regularly lately.

These 4 toxic anti-success thought thoughts, if not managed or re-framed, will slow your success, and (in some cases) it can completely kill your business:

#1 – The “Competition Game”

Let me ask you…

How much time do you spend worrying about the other home care businesses in your space?

  • Are your competitors home care agencies who have been there longer?
  • Do they have more money than you?
  • Are they more established?
  • Do they have certain credentials, certifications, or letters behind their name?

When you start comparing yourself to other home care businesses in your space, negative thoughts start to quickly eat away at you.

When this happens, I often see a common reaction…
People who start comparing will tend to hesitate getting started (or not get started at all).

Bottom line:

  • YES – there will be other home care agencies out there. (that’s a good indication that money is flowing in the market).
  • YES – maybe some of them are even crushing it. It just doesn’t matter.

Whether you have success or not in your home care business has nothing to do with them.

  • This journey is about YOU…
  • And the value that YOU can add to the marketplace…
  • And the home care clients YOU can attract…
  • And the lives of seniors and families that YOU can forever transform…

So do NOT look at others for what they do, or how they act.
Chances are, your competitors all represent the “conventional wisdom” solution anyway.

#2 – I’m Not Worthy

I’ll let you in on a secret….

EVERYONE has this thought.

Everybody. Period.

You cannot be a human being, and deep down not believe “I’m not good enough” at times.

But here’s the sneaky part –

It’s in those moments of stress or uncertainty…
Maybe those moments when you’ve just come up against a setback, or a big challenge…

That’s when this poisonous thought is GOING to pop up.
It surfaces and grabs you with its ugly tentacles when you are at your most vulnerable.

And while that’s completely normal, you’ll definitely want to have some tools in your toolbox to deal with this.

So – the question becomes, “How do you MANAGE this bad thought?”

Understanding that you are in a very normal human pattern can actually give you some relief.

But more importantly…
The KEY is to identify and recognize that,
“This isn’t actually ME… This is simply a bad belief that is popping up…”

As soon as you shine a light on it, and see it for what it really is (a junk belief), it can be something you can work through and move past.

The more you deal with it, that toxic thought will become smaller and smaller.

#3 – “I Shouldn’t Be Charging As Much For This Service”

This is one of the top-offenders when it comes to toxic anti-success thoughts.
I’ve seen this thought affect people in ALL niches…
But I see this especially affecting those of you who are in the social service, home care, healthcare markets.

In the social service space, there are a lot of folks who think it’s just not right or unethical to make lots of money.

The very idea of charging a client MORE can give way to a whole slew of dis-empowering thoughts:
“Charging this amount of money is just selfish”
“I shouldn’t profit off of social services for families in need of my help”

I could go on and on…

Here’s the problem with these thoughts –
Not only do they not serve YOU…
They aren’t serving ANYONE else…(certainly not your home care clients).

Think about it…
If you don’t charge the right prices for your service, you won’t be able to make the kind of deep, lasting impact that you want to make.

You aren’t born with a particular view of money. Somewhere, somehow, society (or your environment) has shaped your thoughts about money.

Here’s what money really is:

Money is just a measure of the VALUE you are creating in the world…

#4 – “Will It Last?”

This is another toxic anti-success thought I see over and over.

When home care agencies start seeing success….

Suddenly, they are smacked with a NEW toxic thought…
Many of them thought it was a fluke, that they were “lucky”…

…that it “wouldn’t last”…

At its core, this is nothing more than creating a new outlet for DOUBT.

Things you’ve already mastered, you begin to doubt and question.

If you aren’t careful, this will leak to ALL the different areas of your business.

  • Your strategy…
  • Your ads…
  • Your client conversions…
  • Your ability to lead your team…


How do you get to a place where you’re not thinking “will it last”?

This thought has never really come up for us in the LTCEP team, and here’s why:

The way you change this toxic anti-success thought is by reframing it to: “What Else Do We Have To Create”?

When you believe you can take any concept, any market, and turn it into something huge, then you can do ANYTHING.

What you create is a reflection of yourself INTERNALLY.

If you doubt or fear, it will reflect right back.

  • It will reflect as people not buying your service…
  • It will reflect as your strategy not working…
  • It will reflect as your ads being broken…

Remember that beliefs are CONTAGIOUS.

So if you are feeling bad, or if your business is struggling (or completely stalled), then you need to:
1 – Check in and ask yourself, “What’s Really Going On Here?”
2 – Figure out if there is a junk belief hidden somewhere that isn’t serving or empowering you.
3 – Change the toxic beliefs, or reframe them to what WILL serve you.

If you’re serious about developing both a rock-solid mindset and strategy that will help you scale your home care business, then book a free strategy call with us!

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Talk soon,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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