Serve, Don’t Sell. Hate Home Care Sales Calls?

Hating Home Care Sales Calls?

Hating Home Care Sales Calls?

The idea of picking up the phone and getting onto a sales call can be absolutely terrifying for many home care business owners.

If you’re looking to build and grow a home care business that sells premium-priced services and programs, it all rides on your ability to have a conversation with a potential client, and have them say YES to your offer.

This is something that can mentally paralyze elder care entrepreneurs.

I had ALL of the selling anxieties when I first started talking to clients over the phone:

Being scared to pick up the phone and dial your potential client…

Not wanting them to answer…

Being terrified that people are going to say NO…

Worrying that people will hang up on you…because of price….

Being scared that if you DO make a sale, that they’ll turn around and cancel…

You name it.

These are ALL things that most people who sell over the phone have had to struggle with and work through.

So how do you overcome these points of anxiety and reluctance, and turn yourself into a “home care sales machine”, where you’re enrolling the RIGHT home care clients consistently?

It boils down to a few KEY beliefs that shift when you realize you’re not just “selling”:

#1 – Fear: “I’m Not Enough”

There are so many fears about selling…

At its core, we’re talking about one of the foundational fears of humanity – which is “I’m Not Enough.”

It can be tough to look at yourself as an elder care expert or someone who really wants to make a difference…

…especially when you come up against a potential client who is challenging you on the phone with a slew of objections.

  • too expensive
  • Mom won’t like having a stranger in the house
  • too much guilt that I can’t do it all myself
  • you know the drill

When that happens, the real fear in the back of your head can easily become:

  • “What if they are right?”
  • “What if I’m not really that good of a home care business owner/ agency?”
  • “What if my services are not worth $3K per month? $10k? $15k?”

After call number 1 or 2, it’s not that big of a deal…

But after 15, 20, 30 calls, when you don’t have any new home care clients…it can really start to get to you.

Not only is it discouraging to get rejected on the phone, but then it starts to attack and eat away at the identity of who you really are.

What is that mental self-abuse costing you in your business?

How many thousands of dollars are you leaving on the table each month because you don’t believe in the value of your abilities, or that you’re enough for that client.

Here’s the thing…

I’m not saying you’re never going to hear the word “NO”…

But once you experience the shift I’m about to mention, when you DO hear a “no”, it won’t be such a negative experience.

Instead, you can turn it into an empowering situation.

How is that possible?

Your #1 job on the phone is NOT to sell someone on your home care services.

It’s to SERVE the person on the call.

#2 Selling vs. SERVING…

There’s a giant myth out there in our society that needs squashing.

Some people believe it’s unethical or morally wrong to charge someone a premium rate to solve a solution.

This is a huge area where you can lose your power rapidly.

Think of it this way…

Even your PRICING is a form of service.

Here’s why:

When you price appropriately, and you do it RIGHT, you will serve your client at a higher level.

Think about it…

You have to be able to take care of your clients, yourself, and your family, right?

If you attach all these negative meanings to the idea of selling, you’ll mentally paralyze yourself.

What if it were worth over $1,760 for you to pick up the phone?

If you charge $22.00 per hour, and you sell 5 out of 10 people you get on the phone with, a plan of at least 20 hours per week, you just made $8,800, right?

Break that down mathematically, and it’s worth $1760 just for you to pick up the phone!

What would that DO for you if every time you picked up the phone it were worth $1,760?

How many times per day would you want to pick up the phone knowing that?

How fast would you be able to scale your business and impact the world?

When it comes to selling, there are 3 questions you should be asking yourself:

1 – “How many people am I talking to each month?”

2 – “How many of those people am I closing?”

3 – “What # of hours am I closing them at?”

When you nail those 3 things, you’re not just mastering your income…you’re mastering the ability to serve your clients at the highest level, and create a deep, lasting change in their lives.

And better yet – when you focus on scaling and increasing each of those three areas, not only will your income increase, but the impact you have on the world will increase as well.

#3 – Call Reluctance
Let’s look at WHY there is such reluctance around sales calls.

This goes back years and years…

Think about how sales used to be in the past:

You had some door-to-door salesman or insurance person knocking on your door MAYBE once a month.

Today, there are a million grabs for your attention each day, right?

Over the years, selling and marketing became a much more crowded space – but the problem is that the strategies didn’t evolve along with it.

It caused salespeople to fight for that attention, making them more and more pushy and desperate.

And sadly, over the years, the idea of listening and building a relationship just stopped.

This is what created the toxic selling environment we know today.

It felt very high pressure, annoying, and nobody wanted anything to do with that.

Not only does it NOT feel good, it’s incredibly ineffective.

This is why the whole “pure force” style sales training took over.

They mentally attacked the prospect.

Forced them to buy.

Bullied them.

Let’s face it, that style of sales was NEVER about serving the person.

This approach is so outdated. It’s barbaric.

And it’s not nearly as effective as taking the complete opposite approach…

…which is to SERVE your clients.

When you actually come from a place of SERVING your potential client, the call reluctance we as a society have become so conditioned to will quickly dissolve.

It changes the entire environment and energy around picking up the phone and entering into a sales call.

If selling over the phone is an area you have fear around or tend to struggle with…

If you’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table each month because you either don’t want to pick up the phone, or you don’t know how to get someone to say YES…

If you’re serious about growing your home care business, and serving your clients in a deep, impactful way…

…then the team at LTCEP can help.

Every day, we help our clients build a rock-solid strategy that will help them generate more visibility online, and lead them to higher levels of consistent monthly income.

If that’s the kind of business you’re looking to create, then reach out and book a free strategy call with us!

Go to to book a call.

Talk soon,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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