Recruiting Caregivers- Update on Our Beta Testing…..Give it a Try!

Having trouble recruiting good caregivers that meet your ideal requirements?

We know, we all know. It’s an ongoing, never-ending issue. It’s generational, monetary, certification related and much much more.

Help! I need home care leads right now!

After 9 years of hearing our clients talk about the challenges of finding caregivers, we decided to try something new. (About 3 months ago)

Results: It works great for some, not for others. The greatness depends on where you are located, and the insanity of your criteria for qualified workers, and your pay rate.

Here are our findings:

  1. Metro and large population areas of course are the best for our recruiting program. Rural areas and Hawaii for instance, are not so good.
    1. New York, Florida, Philadelphia, Chicago, most of California, Phoenix, and other large metros work great!
  2. You must know your numbers. 
    1. How much are you spending on job ads right now? Indeed, Zip, Craiglist, FB etc….total it up. Is it more than $600 per month?
    2. Is it worth it? How many people have you hired from those ads who are ACTIVELY working for you now?
    3. Let’s decrease that monthly spend.
  3. Do you have a dedicated staff member who will, without fail, and asap, follow up with each recruited lead? If not, there’s a big hunk of your problem. Dedicate a staff member, hold them accountable. We have found that sometimes (not always) the pain associated with finding good caregivers is largely associated with a poor process on the part of the office taking the incoming applicants. It’s a tough job, but someone needs to be fully responsive and accountable.
  4. Did you know that a lot of these caregivers (it is 2017 by the way) respond faster and better by text? That’s right. So, we partnered with a team/system that will allow us to real-time text with any caregiver who is interested in the position applied for. SHA-ZAM. And, it’s on your desktop. And, it’s organized. Not perfect, but BETTER! Some of you use a system that will allow one way texting (we love that but sometimes you need a response to your text, right?). This program allows 2-way real-time communication 24/7. Get ’em in the door!
  5. Requirements. Easy partner. This is a $10 an hour job….go easy. We know that most of you are in a state that requires your caregivers to meet certain criteria- CNA, HHA, CHHA, whatever you call it, we get it. You need them to have a car, a drivers license? Ok, no problem. But, if you are in NYC- Manhattan- chances are many will not have either. You know the drill. So wherever you can go EASIER on requirements, the better.
  6. Pay rate. Just let me say this about that. If you are paying 0.25 less than your competitor on the low end of your hourly rates… are going to get a lot of NO. Jack it up a bit. I know the margins aren’t great, but if you want better caregivers, you need to pay more. Increase your rate by $1.00 per hour, or 0.50. A client who needs care and loves your staff is not going to leave you over a small increase.


  • Our system works really well, and with a few tweaks, it will continue to get better.
  • Can we weed out every non-qualified person who states that they are qualified? NO.
  • Can we MAKE people show up for interviews? NO
  • Are people a little crazy? Um, yes.
  • Can we make it better and do it cheaper? Heck yes.

So although we will never replace the other awesome services that are out there, I would encourage you to do your own beta test of our system and see how well it works for you!

Here’s what our program looks like:

1. Use several online methods and strategies to recruit the best candidates we can for client’s office.
2. Use multiple online recruiting sites, Facebook, Google, and more.
3. Recruit caregivers using automated, manual / human intervention, by reaching out to the most qualified
candidates we can find.
4. Send an updated list of interested candidates in an excel spreadsheet, DAILY.  We will also introduce your staff to the texting system and more.
5. Send applicants directly to Client’s recruiting manager and others designated by Client by email for
immediate follow up by phone call, text and email.
Participating client agrees to:
1. Provide one most important job ad or description for LTCEP to target
2. Identify the target territory for recruitment by a radius from a central zip code
3. Turn off all current online recruiting ads on all platforms for that one Position. This is important. We
need to know if applicants are coming from our efforts.
4. Provide LTCEP admin access to Client’s Facebook Business page.
5. Follow up on applicants by the form of email, phone call, and texting.
6. Provide to LTCEP reports # of applicants contacted, no shows, interviewed, & hired and general info
on quality of applicants & hired.
Pricing: (remember there is a lot of human intervention on our end, we have to pay our staff to help your staff)
$495 per month for all of this, plus conference call with me, plus there is only a 2 month commitment! (Because it’s a beta)

Wanna give it a go? Email me at [email protected] or call us at 888-404-1513 

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