Marketing Home Care: 5 Steps to Creating a Profit-Generating Email Autoresponder

Marketing Through Your Home Care Website: 5 Steps to Creating a Profit-Generating Autoresponder

A series of emails that are sequentially sent out over a set period of time is referred to as an autoresponder course. Each message home care marketing on a small budgetwithin the series can be developed and then set to be sent at a specific interval to each of the identified subscribers on your contact list. Such campaigns can be incredibly profitable and effective at increasing your month to month income. These campaigns are also fantastic ways to build your list by adding dozens of specific, effectively targeted leads simply through this automated series of emails.

The best part of these campaigns is the benefits are all gained essentially passively. This means that you can focus more on the other elements of your home care marketing strategy to enhance the impact and maximize income generation to continue seeking growth and advancement for your home care business.

Follow these simple steps for developing an autoresponder series that will boost your income consistently:

Step One: Select Your “Home Care Needs” Theme

Before you are able to develop your autoresponder you must decide on the theme of the series. You can choose a general theme or a more specific niche topic. Whichever you choose, your autoresponder series should be developed to connect the theme with your home care services.

For example:

  • How to choose the right in-home caregiver. This course would cover steps to choosing the right caregiver, and would be sent out over a series of weeks.
  • Easy tips to beat family caregiver stress. This course would cover steps to finding respite as a family caregiver.
  • A step-by-step guide to caring for your aging parent.
  • 52 simple strategies for fun elder care ideas- this would be sent out weekly all year long!

These are all examples of marketing withing your niche of home care services. General themes would include senior health, senior finances, senior exercise, or caregiving in general. Once you have determined your theme, you will be ready to start developing your content.

Step Two: Easy, Effective Home Care Content Creation

Content is the core of your autoresponder course. Creating this content, however, does not need to be overwhelmingly difficult. Rather, you can create interesting, compelling and persuasive content quickly using this simple method:

Hire a professional to do it for you. (like the fabulous staff at LTC Expert Publications!)

It really is that simple. Why should you take the time to develop your own content when you can hire a professional writer to create it for you? Hiring a professional will result in high quality content that does not require you to take the time away from your other tasks to do it yourself.

If you are determined to write your own content, however, there are many resources online to help you learn the most effective methodology behind creating powerful, quality content.

Step Three: Capture Attention

Now that you have your content prepared, it is time for you to start gathering several options for impactful elder care headlines that will lead your autoresponder series. Your goal is to come up with a title that will immediately grab your readers and entice them to read further. This headline should draw your readers in and get them excited about signing up for your autoresponder series.

If your theme is “Selecting an In-Home Caregiver”, here are some examples of headlines that would have a positive impact:

  • 10 Easy Tips on Selecting the RIGHT In-Home Caregiver
  • Don’t Hire the Wrong Caregiver for Your Aging Parent! Learn the 10 Easy Tips that Help You Do it Right the First Time.
  • The Cost Effective Way to Hire an In-Home Caregiver- Save Money and Time and Receive Quality Care

Once you have put together a list of several headlines that you feel are effective, choose the one that you feel is the most powerful and utilize that as your title. You may want to get some advice from another person. A fresh eye could help you identify the headlines that are best rather than just the ones that you like the most.

Step Four: Visual Design

It is important that you create continuity within your series by ensuring that each message has a similar design and visual layout. There are many templates available directly from email service providers, but whatever template you choose, each of your messages should have this basic structure:

[The title of your autoresponder series]
Hi/ Hello [first name of recipient],
Welcome to Part [ 1, 5, 9…etc] of your free [#]-part series.
[This is where you will insert your main content. A subtle product recommendation should appear within the body of your article]
[Here you should offer a bit of a teaser of the next article in the series. Remember to emphasize the benefits of continuing to receive the messages]
Talk soon/ Be in touch soon/ Until next time!
[Your name]
PS: [This message is often the part of an email that will be read more than any other part. Many readers will skip right through the meat of email and only read the final lines. Write yours as a thorough but brief synopsis of the email and a compelling call to action with a link so that even if your readers only see that portion of the email they have an opportunity to convert!]
You have received this series on [repeat the headline of your autoresponder course] because you subscribed to our contact list. If you would like to unsubscribe, use the link below.
[Link for removing a name from your list]


Step Five: Create a Subscription Form

Now you will create your opt-in form- this should already be present on your home care website, but may need to be modified. This is where you will gather information about your prospective leads. Find templates for your opt-in form within the members area of your current email marketing service. Once you have found the format that you like, upload it onto your site. Now when visitors provide their information and subscribe to your list, they will automatically begin to receive your autoresponder series.


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