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Great Value, Great Service!

Oct 21, 2011 by Martha Paulson

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Group: Home Care Daily
Discussion: Hi my name is Stephanie Moise and I am owner of Aspire Home Care Services in Uniondale, NY. I am having such a hard time finding clients that are private pay can anyone help.
As a home care agency owner my advice to you would be to become more visible in your area as far as marketing is concerned. Marketing is an important part of people knowing who you are. I would personally recommend Valerie VanBooven. LTC Marketing. Her marketing company does terrific things to boost your visibilty on -line which mean more people calling, more referrals. I have used her marketing company since 2008.

Simply put, it is about people knowing who you are, where you are and what services you provide. It may sound simple, but it is a lot of work. Valerie and her team can get you the visibility you need. They do all the hard work for you. They provide me with peace of mind knowing that I can trust them to get it done and in a timely manner. As an agency owner that is one less thing I have to worry about. They offer marketing plans that fit your needs and work with you. Through their free webinars and newsletters ets. they also educate you about so many things. Educating you helps you understand what they are doing for you and what is going on with the industry. I do not know of too many other marketing teams that provide that for FREE.

In this down economy, the other great thing is how reasonable priced LTC Marketing services are. Valerie and George understand the home care and some health industry and their needs. They understand that in this economy many business need to budget. I am sure her marketing team can help your agency. They tremendously helped ours.

In my opinion, with so much competition out their, customer service matter more now than ever. I have used other marketing ideas, companies, etc. and I will tell you that Valerie and her team are the best. With other companies you cannot even get a call back or wait forever for a response. At LTC Marketing there is never a problem getting an email or call back. What ever the issue, it is addressed quickly by Valerie and her team.

In this tough economy weigh your decision carefully about who you choose to work with as far as marketing is concerned. There are many companies that offer marketing services, but through my experience I have found that only Valerie and her team stand beside their service every step of the way.

My other suggestion is to get to know the people at your local senior centers, independent living communities etc. Start with sponsoring some activities for the seniors, like bingo or do a presentaion about topics that may be important to seniors. This helps to educate them about your services as well. Along with your marketing plan, people will get to know you, who you are and what you offer. You have to be visible everywhere today, with Valerie and George’s help you can be!

Good Luck,
Posted by Martha

Thank your for Quality Service

Oct 16, 2011 by Keith Gladney

Me and my wife had been contemplating over the start of Keith’s Quality PestControl in St. Charles, MO, but we didn’t have a clue as to where we would start. We both agreed that we would search the internet for some ideas, since everything is listed there. While we were browsing we came upon ltcep and the advice they offered on websites and how important it is to have a website to promote and advertise. We read the tips and contacted Valerie and her staff. It was the best call we ever made, my wife and I received very important and helpful information about how to manage a website as well as webinars and the do’s and don’ts on posting information. I couldn’t be more pleased with the courtesy and pleasant staff she employs. Good trustworthy people are so hard to find, but we can say we have definitely found our needle in a hay stack.

Thanks for a wonderful job guys!

The Gladneys


Oct 05, 2011 by Robert David Malove P.A.

Ms. Valerie VanBooven
LTC Expert Publications
3220 Domain Street
St. Charles, MO 63301

Dear Valerie,

I have had a presence on the World Wide Web since 2004. I have done business with more than my fair share of SEO consultants and web designers. Over the years, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars expecting each new provider, i.e., self-proclaimed internet gurus, to deliver what their predecessor promised, but failed to even come close to achieving.

To say that I was completely frustrated and bewildered would be a huge understatement. I was so discouraged as I sat by and witnessed my website rankings plummet and saw my internet traffic diminish. I realized that my internet generated prospective new client inquiries all but cease to exist. I had become jaded and weary. I wondered if there was anyone I could trust when it came to hiring an SEO provider. It seemed as though no one had any integrity anymore.
Emotionally I couldn’t bear one more disappointing SEO provider experience, besides the fact that my wallet really couldn’t afford to take another hit.
Notwithstanding the pit in my stomach, I gathered up the determination to do the research and find the provider who didn’t just say they knew what they were doing, but who really and truly knew what they were doing. Things had change. Fast! No longer was it good enough to have a top organic ranking. I needed to find someone who in addition to getting me a top organic ranking could also get me a top listing in the Google Maps. I knew that the odds were not in my favor that prospective new clients would scroll all the way past the Google Maps listings before
getting to me, assuming I was fortunate enough to have a top organic listing. Without achieving a top listing in Google Maps the traffic would be insignificant.

A few years back, I had heard about Traffic Geyser. I even became a member. At that time my practice was doing alright and for one reason or another I didn’t keep up with the program. But as I started my quest to find a new SEO consultant, Traffic Geyser popped up again. I watched one of their videos and they were talking about a red-headed superstar mother of triplets. I pursued the thread and it led me to you. Still somewhat skeptical, I purchased your Google Maps publication. I read it and was soon convinced: Eureka! I had struck gold! Valerie VanBooven here I come!

It’s hard to believe that was just five short weeks ago. Since then you and your team have
impressed me to no end. You took control of my web presence and accomplished in this short time have what all of my previous “vendors” combined weren’t able to do. When you sent me the email the other day with a screen shot of my number 1 Google Maps listing, I was beside myself! Today I found another Google Maps listing that didn’t exist yesterday. How did you do that? It was only yesterday that I sent you my Google Maps PIN. Truly unbelievable!

There are no ands, ifs or buts. You are the real deal! And what’s even better? You are on my team! Thankfully I had the persistence to find you. I am thoroughly impressed with your high degree of knowledge and professionalism. You are keeping your word and doing what you said you would do. It’s even more exciting when I remind myself that this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see what happens.
Please have any prospective clients who are on the fence about whether to retain your services call me and I will set them straight. The folks at Traffic Geyser were right. You are an SEO superstar!

With sincere thanks!

Yours truly,
Robert David Malove
Attorney at Law

Thank you!

Aug 30, 2011 by Martha Paulson

Valerie, I just want to say “thank you”. A few years back you did some homecare videos for our agency. They were wonderful. Through all your free webinars and knowledge that you provide for everyone, that really helped our agency as well. Just by watching your webinars and using your suggestions we rank on the first page of all the major search engines. Just enter the keywords, Senior Home Care Lake County IL and you will see. We also incorporated a toll free number for our area -1-800-HOME-CARE. You make everything so simple to understand. Hats off to you for all the great help you provide for agencies that want to succeed. And with Valerie’s help, you will succeed. For us it started with the great videos that she produced. Valerie, you really know your stuff and understand the needs of the home care industry. Everyone should try her marketing program! Thanks again!

MP – Owner

Your webinars are great!

Aug 30, 2011 by Kevin Reichard

FYI, After your LAST webinar, I set up a minimal places page, and last week, I got a call from a lady looking into a forward information. I asked, she said she found me by searching google on her phone. IT WORKS, thanks! Hope all is well with your business, you, and your girls!

KR – Owner

I just had my first inquiry from the Web site.

Aug 30, 2011 by David Kellogg

Valerie, I just had my first inquiry from the Web site. The potential client’s daughter was calling us from California for her dad who is traveling to Florida this weekend. I expect to sign them up on Monday. I know you must be unbelieveably busy but I wanted you to know my thanks. When I google home care jupiter A Moments Notice shows up from 2 to 5 times on the first page of the search results. Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe all the stuff that shows up when I start looking at the various social networking places you have us on!

DK – Owner

Our referrals are INTERNET referrals

Aug 30, 2011 by Joe B.

40% of my inquiries for our home care service now come from the internet because of your program

JB, Owner –

First Page Results in Calls

Aug 30, 2011 by Kathryn Murphy

Thought you might enjoy this story.
Before our (program review) call today, I had a staff meeting. I showed them all the places we are on the internet through your services and they gained an appreciation why to dig a little bit with callers to see “WHERE” on the internet they read about us. Well…it made an impression. About the same time we had our call and I gave an example “If I needed care for a family member in California…… a lady from California called for services for her mother in Jacksonville. When she told my staff member she saw us on the internet, my staff member gently asked her, “Can you tell me where on the internet you saw us?” The caller said “I googled ‘home care Jacksonville’ and Comfort Keepers jumped out all over the page and I knew that was the one to call!” What a coincidence!!!! Thanks for the call. With kind regards, Kathee

KM – Owner http:/

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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Valerie VanBooven, Managing Partner/ Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications
Valerie’s motto and favorite saying is: “Impact is not created by big budgets, impact is created by innovative marketing ideas!”
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and the author of three books, Aging Answers (2003), The Senior Solution (2007) and Priceless Caregiving (2009). Her adventure in internet marketing began as a self-promotion experiment and ended up becoming a full time marketing consulting business for the elder care market.

Valerie has appeared on national television (Today Show), has hosted her own local radio show, and has been interviewed for dozens of publications and radio shows across the country regarding her business and the business of elder care.
She fast became the foremost authority in driving sales via the internet, seminars, and e-mail for senior service providers and elder care entrepreneurs.While Valerie’s best known for her expertise in marketing, her students share that her biggest impact comes from her ability to make things happen quickly, even on a small budget.
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