Local Search for Home Care Agencies…What Matters.

In the home care business, we want consumers to find local home care offices both from the desktop computer and from their mobile devices....In the home care business, we want consumers to find local home care offices both from the desktop computer and from their mobile devices while they are on the go. The recommendations for desktop searches vs mobile searches have some similarities, but there are also some key differences.

Google as of late gave some overhauled direction on how it decides an organization’s local positioning… and in case you’re targeting a particular geographic zone (and most of our home care agencies ARE doing this), it is data that ought not be missed.

Google basically just overhauled its “HELP SECTION” for Google My Business, a tutorial that gives bits of knowledge into how local businesses can enhance their local rankings.

NAP data must be correct.  NAP= Name, Address, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, and Category (Home Health Care) for all home care businesses across all devices.

For a Mobile Search:

  • Is Your Local Home Care Agency Relevant to the Searchers Needs? Above all else, Google needs to know that your local listing matches what a customer is searching for. Make sure your NAP data is correct.
  • I’m the consumer. I’m at a local hospital, or I’m in my car. How close is your business to me right now? Proximity matters.  Closest businesses show up on my phone, tablet, ipad first.  On the off chance that consumers don’t indicate an area, Google will give an estimate.

Although “proximity and relevance”  are critical to the way you will see search results for you local business, there is another local home care SEO signal that matters.

Unmistakable quality or “Prominence”:  “Authority” matters in the digital realm, and how well-known a business or location is, or its prominence, can also provide a strong signal to the search engine. Some places are more “well known” in the offline world than others and Google’s results attempt to show this in local ranking.

Some locations, (famous museums, landmark hotels, or well-known store brands that are familiar to many people) are likely to be prominent in local search results Google indicated, but prominence is also based on information they already have about a business from across the Web (like links, articles and directories).
Relevance, proximity and prominence provide Google with signals that will be used to rank a home care business for a specific local search, but there are still others that must be addressed – and they play a bigger role in the success of a home care business than just achieving a top ranking for a local search.

Google also confirmed that reviews and testimonials are factors in local search ranking. It has been suggested that review signals are important, and while it is unknown the degree to which customer reviews/ratings influence ranking, today’s local home care agencies are doing everything they can to use this factor to their advantage.

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Source: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/archive/2016/04/04/local-seo-guidance-from-google.aspx?source=print

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