A New Home Care Website is Born! Let’s Welcome Our Newest Addition.

We welcome Crystal Laeder, RN and her home care agency to our LTCEP family. What an amazing lady with a new amazing website!

Here’s more about Crystal and her company.

Why choose Crystal Cares Home Care? We truly care about you!

Crystal Cares Home Care is a local Registered Nurse owned and operated business that was started in 2013. With over 27 years’ experience in the healthcare field, Crystal realized that there was a great need for high quality, experienced, and compassionate home care providers as well as advocacy for the elderly and others in need.  In today’s world not, every person has family that is close and able to accept such responsibilities, or perhaps families have such busy schedules that they are unable to provide that much needed support.

We believe in caring for our clients using a holistic approach. Our clients emotional care is just as important as their physical care. Yes, it is important that our caregivers prepare a nutritious meal, complete assigned housekeeping tasks, we believe it is just as important that we support and address the client’s emotional and spiritual needs.

C aring & C ompassion   We have had many conversations with adult children of family members needing in home care. A question we hear quite frequently during our initial phone consultation is, “I see our parents struggling to care for themselves like they used to, we have tried several times to talk with them about it, but they refuse to accept help in their home.  What can we do?” Most seniors that are at the point in home caregiving is needed may not be agreeable to home care even though their family doctor and family may know there is a definite need. They often express that help is not needed and are very capable of managing on their own. Understanding that their perception of any outside assistance is often seen as a threat to their independence or an invasion of their privacy. We care that your parents want to live in their own home and you are unable to be with them all the time. We care how your life will change when your husband is discharged from the hospital after his stroke. We care when your father is irritable because he needs to give up his favorite foods, now that he’s been diagnosed with diabetes. No matter your situation, we care and will provide compassionate experienced caregivers to meet your needs.

A dovacy & A vailability Providing advocacy and being available to meet your needs is the utmost importance to us, you may need someone to be with you, or your loved one in a complex medical situation, we can help. You may need help navigating the sometimes difficult to understand differences between Home Health Care, Private Duty Home Care and what services are covered, we can help. You may have a hard time remembering what the doctor said as soon as you are at the window to make your next appointment, we can have a caregiver or nurse attend appointments with you and document your doctor’s instructions, so you can concentrate on what brought you there in the first place. We are available to you when you need us, where you need us. Our staff can be reached all day and night, all week, every day of the year, including holidays.

Our Nurse’s will establish a relationship with you and your loved ones. We will listen to you, get to know you and build a trusting relationship, so we can better understand what your needs and concerns are. From that point we act as your advocate in any area that you ask us to.

R espect & R eliability We will provide you or your loved one with a thoughtful, friendly and trustworthy caregiver. We understand how it must feel to have a caregiver come in to your home, that you have not met before. Making sure you are comfortable with your caregiver is so important, that is why we arrange for a meeting with your prospective caregiver prior to beginning care. We then follow up with you to make sure you are comfortable and agree to proceed with that caregiver.  One of the most frustrating concerns we hear is that other in-home care providers have a high turnover rate with their caregivers, and/or that there are several caregivers in and out of the home. Just when your loved one has settled in to a routine with a specific caregiver, the turnover occurs.  We do our best to reduce turnover through our interview process, background screening, training and treat our caregivers like they are family.

E ducation & E xpertise Every client has individual needs for instance, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, then the caregiver needs to understand and be well trained not only about the disease but the stages of Alzheimer’s.  We offer all our caregivers disease specific training and we require  our caregivers to  be competent in the clients  home care needs before we even think about placing them. We don’t stop there, we have a caregiver mentor program which helps clients feel safer and more secure.

S afety & S upervision   According to the New England Health Institute, Preventing Medication ErrorsAccessed September 17, 2012. Emergency rooms treat an approximate 7 million patients for preventable medication errors. A medication error is much more than simply taking the wrong pill. Errors also may include taking the wrong dose, missing a dose, and taking a dose at the wrong time.

We can provide medication reconciliation for you or your loved one. Medication reconciliation involves comparing the list of medications your health care provider currently has with the list of medications you are currently taking. This process is done to avoid medication errors.

Medication reconciliation should be done at every transition of care in which new medications are ordered or existing orders are rewritten. Transitions in care include:

  • Changes in setting (such as being admitted or discharged from the hospital)
  • A change in your health care provider
  • A change in your level of care.

One of our experienced nurses can be there to answer your questions about your medications, provide medication set up, and help reduce your risk for medication errors.

The National Safety Council, reports that one in three adults 65 and older falls each year According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people age 75 and older are four to five times more likely to be admitted into a long-term care facility than people aged 65 to 74. We provide comprehensive safety assessments in your home, apartment, or assisted living facility. During a safety assessment the areas assessed are the interior and exterior of your home. We evaluate for clear pathways, adequate lighting, general safety precautions as well as other important safety considerations.

Our Mission

Crystal Cares Home Care promotes the health and wellbeing of all its clients by being committed to the fulfillment of their unique home care needs. We strive to keep our clients in their home environment for as long as possible – thus reducing the possibility of re-hospitalization or institutional care admission.


We are proudly affiliated with:

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Assistance is available for individuals who need help with daily activities, and meet eligibility requirements to receive Home Help services. A person must be eligible for Medicaid and require physical assistance with at least one activity of daily living.

Long Term Care Insurance

We are affiliated with several Long-Term Care insurance such as Penn Treaty and John Hancock Long Term Care Insurance. Check your policy to see if it includes Personal Care or Custodial Care.

Veterans Home Care

If you are a wartime veteran or the spouse/surviving spouse of such a veteran, you may qualify for pension from the VA known as “Aid and Attendance.”

and more…

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Valerie has appeared on national television (Today Show), has hosted her own local radio show, and has been interviewed for dozens of publications and radio shows across the country regarding her business and the business of elder care.
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