Home Care Videos - Branded for Your Business

The videos on this page are built using a template and your branding. There are tons to choose from! However, if you want a completely custom video or set of videos, go to this FORM. 

There are over 40 videos on this page.  Some are extremely short, but very effective with online advertising. These videos range from 12-seconds to 1:30-seconds (generally). Believe it or not, studies in 2017 show that a 6-second video is all it takes to hook a consumer. Also note that for ALL videos, 90% of the them are being viewed on a mobile device. All are branded to the client's home care business. All are delivered to our clients in 720dpi or 1080dpi.


  • Short Ads
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • Definitions of specific services
  • Tips for Caregivers
  • Caregiver Stress
  • Alzheimer's / Dementia
  • How to Pay for Care/Who Pays
  • Caregiver Recruiting

You can use these videos:

  • With Facebook Lead Ads
  • On your website
  • On your YouTube.com channel
  • As the "COVER" of your Facebook Business Page
  • As a Google Adwords Advertisement
  • In a newsletter
  • As a TV Commercial
  • In a blog post
  • At the end of a blog post
  • Anywhere you like

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(CUST44) NEW! Learning About Home Health Care

(REV42) NEW! 5 Star Review Custom

(AC01) Back to Me, A Daughter's Story

(REV05) Kind, Compassionate & Knowledgeable 

(EC09) Brighter Days/Struggling with Care:

(ES13) What is Respite Care? (Caring for the Caregiver)

(EC17) Who Pays for Home Care?

(EA21) Assisted Living and Healthy Meals

(ET25) 5 Tips for "Sandwiched" Caregivers

(EC29) Tips for Handling Caregiver Stress

(ES33) Caring for Seniors with Memory Loss:

(AS02) They Have the Best Companions EVER!

(REV06) 100% Satisfied With....

(EC10) My Dad's Story, This Could Be Your Dad Too.

(ES14) What is Light Meal Preparation?

(EC18) How Do You Choose the Best Home Care?

(EA22) What is Assisted Living? & FAQ

(EC26) Does LTC Insurance Pay for Home Care?

(EC30) Does Medicare Pay for Home Care?

(EC34) Storytime- Amelia - We'll Be There For You.

(EC38) Tips for First Time Family Caregivers

(ET37) 5 Tips for Having a Fun Day with ...

(CUST43) NEW! Mom's Home Care Custom

(AC03) Searching for Home Care

(ES07) What are light housekeeping services?

(ES11) We Provide Companionship for Seniors

(EC15) Is It Time for Home Care?

(ES19) How Do I Find Live-In Care? What is Live-In Care?

(ET23) Senior Safety - Scams, Identity Theft, Solicitations

(ET27) 8 Tips for Making the Most Out of Doctor's Visits:

(EC31) Dementia and Repeating

(ET35) Alzheimer's / Dementia Care Tips

(EC39) Caring for an Aging Loved-One? 

(REV04) Golden Heart Senior Care Charlotte NC 1

(ES08) Transportation for Seniors (via Home Care)

(EC12) Avoiding a Elder Care Crisis

(ES16) Keeping Seniors Safe at Home:

(EC20) How Much Does Home Care Cost?

(ET24) Healthy Aging for Seniors:

(ES28) We Love Our Seniors!     

(EC32) Dementia Can Cause Sleep Problems for Seniors

(ET36) 5 Signs That Your Loved-One Needs Care

(REC40) Recruiting Video 1