The Seven Success Factors of Highly Effective Online Marketing
for Home Care Agencies

Success Factor #1 - Your Main Website

  • Represents Your Professional Image!
  • Is it Designed for Lead Capture?
  • Is it Optimized for Your Local Area?
  • Is it Mobile Responsive?
  • Does it have a Clear Call-to-Action?
  • Are your adding Unique Weekly Content?
  • Do you have a Tracked Phone Line for ROI?

Success Factor #2 - You Must Have a Keyword Plan

Your keyword plan should be:

  • Prioritized by Geography
  • Prioritized by keyword phrase
  • Used to SEO Core Web site
  • Used to guide weekly blogging

Success Factor #3 - Continuous Content Publishing

  • Blog post minimum of once per week
  • 100% unique content
  • Minimum 400-500 words.
  • Optimize for top keyword priorities and as well as many lower volume keywords
  • Feed blog posts to social media and monthly e-newsletter
  • Publish Local Company News: People, events and celebrations
  • Publish Articles with your Key Referral Partners

Success Factor #4- Engaging Through Social Media

  • Facebook – Community Outreach
  • LinkedIn – Professional Outreach
  • Feed content from your blog
  • Boost important posts
  • Invite everyone on your email list to like your page
  • Facebook paid ads to build “likes”
  • Publish testimonials

Success Factor #5 - You Must Have a Monthly E-Newsletter (really)

  • Build the best email list in your territory
    • Prospects
    • Potential referral partners
    • Clients
  • Publish quality info Regularly
    • Engaging articles
    • Company news and events
    • Employee celebrations
    • Testimonials/Client stories
    • Co-publish with referral partners
  • Keeps Your Home Care Agency Top of Mind
  • Builds Engagement with Your Community

Success Factor #6 - Offsite Publishing and Backlinking

  • Build authority through publishing on other sites
  • Valuable inbound links for SEO
  • Use articles as leave behinds and follow ups

Success Factor #7- Reputation Management

  • High volume of positive testimonials
  • Eliminate negative reviews
  • Searchable In your key towns
  • 3rd party site for credibility
  • Distributed to Facebook
  • Format accepted by Google
  • Distribute to prospects

Real SEO vs. BS SEO - Watch the Video Below (2:34)