Home Care Marketing: Protect Your Online Reputation….Or Create a Positive One if it Doesn’t Exist!

Protecting Your Online Reputation

As a home care business owner you may not think that your online reputation needs to be one of your top priorities, but the reality is that it should be.

Even just a few publicly posted bad reviews could represent a considerable amount of lost business, particularly in the form of ssrbutton160prospective customers who have searched online for the goods or services that you offer and have discovered the bad references to your company. In our society of turning to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other social media and networking platforms, it is more critical than ever that home care businesses pay close attention to the management of their online reputation.


Even more so than large businesses, small home care businesses have to understand their online reputation is critical to the success and growth of their business. Today’s consumer set relies heavily on the Internet when making purchasing decisions. The emphasis that is placed on reviews and ratings that can be found online are often placed even above the opinions of friends and family, meaning that a consumer who comes across the negative review or rating of your home care company is likely to simply move on to another option. It can be truly overwhelming to think about the responsibility of having to manage your online reputation and engage in interacting with the Internet, particularly in the form of social media, as a means of protecting the online reputation of their company.

Fortunately, experts say that these management activities do not have to be a full-time endeavor.

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Search Google, then Turn to SeniorServiceReviews.com

One of the first things that you can do as a home care business owner in order to gauge your online reputation determine what types of management activities you should use is to run a search engine inquiry through Google. Simply search the name of your company and read through the results. This activity should be repeated at least once a week, but preferably daily. This Google search will show you what your consumers are saying about your company, and give you a chance to respond promptly and effectively. You can also set up Google alerts that will let you know when your company is specifically mentioned.

Once you find that you either DO NOT have a reputation, or that your reputation is less than stellar, turn to SeniorServiceReviews.com to establish a POSITIVE online reputation.

Your Home Care Business Presence Online

Consumers are not just looking for home care businesses that have websites, they are looking for home care companies that have true online presence. This means utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to interact with consumers and develop strong customer relationships. This interaction relays a positive message about your home care company, and also allows you to react quickly to any compliments or complaints. If you don’t already have any online presence, one of the best ways to start building this presence and your online reputation at the same time is to encourage your regular customers to become active on your social media page or leave a positive review on your website.

As important as it is to be reactive to negativity, it is equally as important to be proactive about adding positive reviews and ratings to the Internet.

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Take Advantage of Your Home Care Business Profile

There are many websites on the Internet that have profiles of businesses even if that business has not signed up for one. Check a variety of sites, including larger ones such as Yelp and smaller ones that are developed for your specific industry and make sure that the information provided on your profile is correct. If anything about the profile is wrong or missing, clean the profile and fix it. You want to make sure that all of the information that a consumer could find about your company is accurate and positive.

Responds Professionally

Regardless of the quality of your home care business, you will inevitably receive negative feedback and bad reviews from customers. It is simply a given in the business world that you are always able to satisfy all of your customers, and that somebody will find something to complain about. If you do come upon a negative review or comment, however, it is not the time for you to go on the defensive and lash back. Find a way that you can respond to a negative comment or review in a positive and professional way. If the information that is being set forth is completely wrong, provide a prompt and effective correction, but remain respectful. If there is any truth behind the complaint, be humble and prepared to apologize and offer a solution to the situation. Do not pretend that you don’t remember the situation, or that you did nothing wrong because this is likely to have a more damaging effect on customer relationships than the initial mistake.

While you may think that the best way to respond to the complaint is offering a refund or free replacement, experts caution that this is not always the best approach. You don’t want to gain the reputation of handing out money or products just because of complaints and generate a high number of false complaints from people who just want to get something for free. On the other hand, you also don’t want to engage in arguments, name-calling or accusations. Remember, if the vast majority of the reviews and ratings online are positive, one or two complaints are not likely to make a major difference.

Protect your reputation and focus on generating the positive.

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