Need Home Care Content? Here’s How to write a Fabulous Article for Your Home Care Website.

Need Home Care Content?

Need Home Care Content?

You Need Unique Content for Your Home Care Website

Whether you are writing articles for your blog or as web content, most basic rule of journalism 101, using the five Ws and 1 H, is a helpful habit to get into. Although not every story, article or blog that you write will require use of the five Ws and 1 H; most will and utilizing this habit is a great way to keep your readers interested in the article.

Breaking Down the 1st Rule of Basic Journalism
Before you put hand to pen or fingers to keyboard, go through the five Ws and 1 H by making each a question that you will answer. For example;

  • Who-who is this article about and/or who is the targeted reader?
  • What-what is going on? What is the main idea of this article? What actions did the “who” take?
  • Where-where did the event occur? Where is the location the article is about? Where can the information in the article be used?
  • When-when can the information in the article be used? When did the information take place? When will the event occur?
  • Why-why should the reader care about this topic? Why are you writing about this topic?
  • How is used throughout in your other questions. For example, if you are writing an article about an upcoming concert, the how could be used as “how long is the concert”. How is important for filling in the blanks and it should stem from the natural flow of the article. It can also be used to help explain a complicated process to the reader.

Putting the Five Ws and 1 H to Work
To help you visualize what information you would be using to draft the article from the six questions, take a look at what information you could use to incorporate the five Ws and one H into a report about Little Red Riding Hood. In case you’re not familiar with the story; it is about a little girl whose ill grandmother lives in the woods. The little girl puts on a hooded, red riding cape, then takes off to visit her grandmother. However, a big bad wolf goes to her grandmothers house to wait for Red Riding Hood, supposedly to eat her, but what is the basics of the story? Using the five Ws and 1 H to tell the story would be used as follows:

  • Who is the article about? A little girl known as Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf and a grandmother.
  • What happens? As the little girl travels through the woods on her way to grandmothers house, she encounters a wolf. She tells the wolf she is on her way to take her grandmother some lunch. The wolf wants the picnic lunch the girl had packed for her grandmother, she refuses to give it to him, so the wolf goes ahead of her to the grandmothers house, so he can wait for her there and take her by surprise.
  • Where does the story for the article take place? In the woods and at grandmas house.
  • When did the wolf arrive at grandmothers? He arrived before “Red”.
  • Why does the grandmother let the wolf in? Why does the wolf want to eat Little Red Riding Hood? The grandmother loved animals and let the wolf in without realizing that the wolf was there to eat her granddaughter, because he was angry at the girl for not giving him the basket lunch she had packed for her grandmother.
  • How did the wolf trick the little girl into coming closer to him. The girl did not recognize the wolf because he had already eaten the grandmother, put on the grandmothers night hat and crawled under the bed covers.

Asking each of these questions will help build your article and engage your readers. Although you may not use every W question in each article, having them to use as a guide will be beneficial, especially if you are conducting an interview.

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