Reflection: What People REALLY Go Through Just To Get To YOU….

Have you ever thought about what it actually takes for a potential home care client to actually REACH you?

Think about it…

By the time they get onto the phone with you, imagine all of the micro-steps they’ve already taken to get to you…

Get MORE Home Care Clients: Think about what home care clients actually work through to get to you.

Get MORE Home Care Clients: Think about what home care clients actually work through to get to you.

…all the times that they’ve already said “yes”, or “damn, we need help.”, or “I can’t take it anymore”, or “I don’t want mom to go to a nursing home, but I don’t know what to do”.

  • They were with their loved-one in the hospital, then rehab
  • They were referred to you by a social worker or discharge planner
  • OR They clicked on your Facebook ad.
  • Or The clicked on your Google Adwords ad
  • The looked at your website
  • They filled out a form
  • They gave you their email address.
  • And, they ANSWERED (sometimes nervously) when you dialed their number and called them.
  • OR They called YOUR office. (and I hope whoever answers the phone is NICE)

For you, this is probably the first time you’ll interact with them…

…yet their entire journey that led to you, (and the challenges that they’ve ALREADY faced) has taken much, much longer…

For many home care agency owners, it is so darn easy to forget what’s really happening from the potential client’s perspective.

Here’s why:

As home care business owners, we use NUMBERS to help us quickly track the health of our business, right?

All of the data that you’re focused on is easily accessible on ONE spreadsheet…

Your entire business is represented in numbers, figures, and percentages…

…and yet, you never see NAMES on a spreadsheet, do you?

You don’t see faces.
Or pictures.
Or stories.

You don’t “see” the many steps that the person you’re about to get on a call with has already taken to reach you.

So…WHY do they do it?

WHY would these potential clients go to such lengths just to get onto the phone with you?

Simply put,
These REAL people have a very real major problem.
They are looking for an answer.
They can’t overcome their struggle on their own.
They know that they need to make a change NOW.
They are scared.
…but whatever you said in your funnel has given them HOPE…
…HOPE that you can help make tomorrow better than today.

THAT’S why they have traveled through your entire funnel, just to speak with you.

Behind every number…
Every ad click…
Every email address that you’ve collected…

…there is a real person (not just a number) who crawls into bed each night, and prays for YOU to come into their life, so you can help them change their world.

If there are people out there that have a problem you can solve… and they CAN’T find you… because you don’t know how to market your home care business and get your message in front of them, I’d like to invite you to book a call with our team.

Together, we can talk about how a simple shift in your online marketing can reach those people every day. And you can start having the impact you were meant to have in this world.

Go to to book a call now.

Talk soon,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN
Co-Owner, Founder, LTC Expert Publications

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Co-Owner, Author at LTC Expert Publications
Valerie VanBooven, Managing Partner/ Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications
Valerie’s motto and favorite saying is: “Impact is not created by big budgets, impact is created by innovative marketing ideas!”
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and the author of three books, Aging Answers (2003), The Senior Solution (2007) and Priceless Caregiving (2009). Her adventure in internet marketing began as a self-promotion experiment and ended up becoming a full time marketing consulting business for the elder care market.

Valerie has appeared on national television (Today Show), has hosted her own local radio show, and has been interviewed for dozens of publications and radio shows across the country regarding her business and the business of elder care.
She fast became the foremost authority in driving sales via the internet, seminars, and e-mail for senior service providers and elder care entrepreneurs.While Valerie’s best known for her expertise in marketing, her students share that her biggest impact comes from her ability to make things happen quickly, even on a small budget.
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