Can a Home Care Agency Generate Leads Using Facebook?

The answer is “YES”, but it’s not a get-rich-quick or get-leads-quick situation. You must have patience. You must grow your audience.

We can do it for you… I recommend looking at the information below and watching the video.

Watch this video replay of my presentation at the Home Care Sales and Marketing Society in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Pay attention to the end of the video for a fabulous deal!

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Content Publishing Program with Facebook Engagement


  • Generate increased traffic to your website to encourage referrals and leads
  • Generate increased local presence and “fans” on Facebook to broaden your reach. Target 80-100 new likes per month
  • Increase engagement in your content with views of engaging videos and contests
  • Reporting via FB Insights and Google Analytics only (does not include keyword tracking)
  • Deliver top messages to consumers and referral partners. (You are a rock star)

Services Provided:

  • Provide 2 original articles/mo, posted on your blog, targeted at the adult children of aging parents, optimized for top keywords. Ghost written in client’s name, bio and image
  • Blog Post up to 4 articles per month supplied by client on company news and referral partners
  • Feed all blog articles to Facebook, Linked in and Pinterest (syndication)
  • Provide a blog driven monthly electronic newsletter
  • Provide curated content/memes 5 days a week to your Facebook Business Page
  • Post 2 engaging videos on your Facebook each month
  • Provide sufficient advertising and boosting to generate at least 80-100 new likes per month (we absorb this cost)
  • Provide Jobs Tab on Facebook to increase volume of caregiver applying for work (fabulous lead gen for caregivers)
  • Participate in Reputation Management System
  • Maintain a Profile page on your local Approved Senior Network with feeds from your blog and reputation management system
  • Reporting on performance thru Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Does not include SEO Keyword reporting.

Want the whole enchilada, as presented in this video?

  • All Inclusive price: Set up Fee $995.00
  • Monthly Fee $645/mo,
  • Special Introductory offer for the next 30 days: Set up Fee is now $645  for the next 30 days….Save $350!!!!!
  • Term:   Minimum of 6 month commitment

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