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Facebook and the New Changes

Facebook and the New Changes

If you have been paying attention to your newsfeed this weekend, you may have read that Facebook is making a big change to their algorithm. They make little changes all the time, but this one was worth announcing, so we are guessing it’s a pretty big one.

FB has taken a lot of hits in the last few years for allowing “fake news” and “manipulating the human element”. So, they have decided to rewind a bit and go back to what FB was originally about- socially connecting with friends and family.

This isn’t a bad thing for all of us in the business world, it’s actually a GOOD thing!

Let’s look at a few of the changes:

“There will be more friend content and family content. There will also be more group content. Group content tends to inspire a lot of conversation. Communities on Facebook are becoming increasingly active and vibrant.”– Adam Mosseri, Facebook VP of Newsfeed

What does this mean? 

You know all of those groups you belong to? (OK some of us belong to MANY groups) The posts and conversations in those groups are more likely to show up in your newsfeed than other junk. After all, if you belong to a group, chances are, you LIKE the content being discussed.

Our recommendation: Commit to forming a FB group right from your FB Business Page. Committing means taking the time to contribute, answer questions, post content. You would be the perfect person to form a local online support group for people with aging parents. DO IT!

“There will be less video. Video is an important part of the ecosystem. It’s been consistently growing. But it’s more passive in nature. There’s less conversation on videos, particularly public videos.”– Adam Mosseri, Facebook VP of Newsfeed

What does this mean?

Be careful how you interpret this comment. This does not mean that your videos are not important. Video is super important for Facebook and other online marketing strategies, and it always will be. What is important to note is that videos built around a story, or only shared within a GROUP are going to take precedence. Think about the kinds of videos you would be more likely to comment on….probably one your friend shared with you, or one that you saw in a group that you really like.

Our Recommendation: Create more videos.

“There will be less content directly from (professional) Pages. Page content will still be an important part of the ecosystem, but it will shift a little bit. Content that is shared and talked about between friends will grow, and content that’s directly consumed from Pages directly will shrink slightly.” – Adam Mosseri, Facebook VP of Newsfeed

What Does This Mean?

This means that the content added to your FB Business page is awesome and WILL be seen, but we need to encourage more people to comment on that content and to SHARE that content. You can encourage this by sharing your own content on your personal FB page.

Our Recommendation: SHARE AND COMMENT!

Some of the specific things would be like we’re going to be (weighing) long comments more than short comments, because we find regularly that if you take the time to actually write a more thoughtful perspective on something that correlates positively with a comment that someone actually would respond to or Like. It also correlates negatively with problematic content types like spam or uncivil content, et cetera.Comments in general, this was true before (the change). But it’s more true after. Comments are more valuable than Likes. If you bother to actually take the time to respond to something that I posted, a picture of maybe my two kids. It’s a pain actually to type on a mobile phone. Liking is pretty easy; that’s the whole point of Liking.   – Adam Mosseri, Facebook VP of Newsfeed

What Does This Mean?

Commenting is a key part of how this algorithm calculates value and weight to any given post. (Longer comments are better!)

Our Recommendation:

Start commenting on your own posts! Ask questions!

Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising is not affected by these changes. So for those of you who are in our FB programs and recruiting programs, this is not an issue!

Here’s a post from Mark Zuckerberg on this issue:


Hope this helps clear up the confusion. Let’s high-five on Facebook’s efforts to connect us in a positive and engaging way, and not fill our newsfeeds with stuff we don’t want to see!



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