Why Good Home Care Websites Don’t Cost $99.00 or $199.00.

Why Good Home Care Websites Don't Cost $99 0r $199.

Why Good Home Care Websites Don’t Cost $99 0r $199.

“You charge WHAT for a home care website???”

Sometimes we hear that from potential clients.

But, sometimes we hear,

“That’s ALL you charge for a home care website??”

The difference is in the level of business experience the person usually has under their hat and the budget they have to work with.

Sometimes we are talking to a seasoned home care agency owner who has been in business for several years and understands the value of a great website…and moreover, the value of working with a web developer that doesn’t DISAPPEAR a few months later. Happens all. the. time.

Other times, we are talking to a new person who has just started down this road, with very little capital and NO MARKETING BUDGET (please have a marketing budget), they usually can’t afford a custom website development. This is understandable. Wix, Weebly, Proweaver, might be the right fix. (We would never recommend these services, they are atrocious and have terrible fine print. Avoid if at all possible.)

For those of you considering a new website, here are some important items to consider.

Know the Goal of Your Website

Many times new business owners think of a website like an online business card. When they approach a designer, the only idea in their mind, is that they need a website – and no specific idea of what they want. The prettiest or shiniest new thing will do just fine.

A website isn’t just about looking pretty.

The Goal of a Website is to Generate REVENUE.

The Goal of a Website is to Generate REVENUE.

The real goal of a website is to generate revenues. $$$$

A website is about creating value for your viewers – identifying their pain points, connecting with them, building trust, and then ultimately leveraging that connection, that trust, to make a sale.

An effective website is your best salesperson.

Anyone can put together a website – even for free. But designing for both conversation and conversion is a special skill set that doesn’t come cheap, especially in the home care market.

The Process

Designing a website is not about pulling up a template and putting in some graphics. There’s a whole lot of research that goes into the right kind of layout, the graphics, the colors, the fonts and every other aspect of the website.

Because We Have Been in the Home Care Marketing for So Long, We Understand Your Audience Like No Other Web Developer.

We understand their challenges, hopes, their fears. When it comes to engaging viewers, and building trust, we already know what will go down well with your audience.

  • Your client’s aren’t hiring a plumber, roofer, lawyer or carpet cleaner.
  • Their decision is heavy- both emotionally, financially, and sometimes physically.
  • They are trusting you with their mother, father or other aging loved-one, not their leaky pipe or their dirty rug.

Your website needs to instantly establish trust, authority, and availability.

Issues with Cheap Design or Designers Who Do NOT Understand the Home Care Market

There are many free templates and cheap design studios that could put together a website for anyone. On Fiverr, you have people setting up WordPress sites for $5-$40.  But is that what you really want your potential customers to see?

Instead, look for a designer that understands and can explain:

  • Ease of Use
  • Visual Appeal
  • Coherence
  • Authority
  • Clear Call to Actions
  • Use of images and graphics

What is the LTCEP Process Like for Our Clients?


  • Longevity – we’ve been around for almost 10 years, so you can be assured, we aren’t going anywhere.
  • The website belongs to you. The content belongs to you. We might build, host, maintain your website, but we hand it over to you when you want to change providers. Some people do, some people don’t. Either way, it’s your website. We just keep it safe.

In the Beginning

The Process of Building a Home Care Website

The Process of Building a Home Care Website

  • Once you have made a decision to work with us, and a contract is signed, we start working right away.
  • You fill out a form that helps us understand your wishes, desires, needs, colors, logos etc.
  • You provide any text or photo changes. (If you don’t have a website, you provide all the content, or pay us to write it for you).

In the Middle

  • We provide a test site for you to view and submit changes or edits to us.
  • We complete the changes and edits.
  • You approve the website.

At Last!

  • Your website goes live, your blogging begins, your social media is active, your e-newsletter goes out a few weeks later, your project is launched!

How long is the process?

  • That depends on you. We can have a website completed and live in 2 -3 weeks. However, sometimes our clients get sidetracked with other projects. Any hold up on our clients’ end is a hold up on our end. The reality is the faster you move, the faster we move! 🙂


Want to learn more? We are always available for a free consultation. We use a process of consultative business discussion. We never sell a home care website to someone who can’t afford ongoing upkeep, maintenance, and security monitoring. Call and talk to us at 888-404-1513.


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Valerie has appeared on national television (Today Show), has hosted her own local radio show, and has been interviewed for dozens of publications and radio shows across the country regarding her business and the business of elder care.
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