Fully Customized Home Care Videos

Our Process:

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Set Up a Free Phone Consultation with us.
  3. Choose the # of videos you want produced.
  4. Agree on the # of edits per video.
  5. We give you a quote.
  6. We story-board the video(s).
  7. You approve story-board(s).
  8. We create video(s).

Cost of Fully Customized Videos:

  1. Number of videos.
  2. Length of videos (we recommend 90 seconds or less)
  3. Number of edits per video.


1 custom video, 90 seconds, 3 rounds of edits: $300 for one video.

5 custom videos, 90 seconds each, 1 round of edits: $750 for all 5 videos.

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