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In this comprehensive guide, we cover Google algorithm changes for mobile, and statistics on mobile usage for the 35-55+ market (your target audience).  This guide contains a PDF, slides, and a video.

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If you need to have any convincing as to the prevalence of mobile devices and their impact on the way we live, try getting off a plane and once in the terminal watch to see how many passengers fire up their communications devices.

Still not convinced?

Check this out: On April 21, if your website isn’t mobile friendly you will find it harder to rank in Google’s mobile search results. Not only that, but Google’s new algorithm will improve the rankings of sites that have a mobile-friendly experience for those using mobile devices, and by consequence demotes those that are not.

Note that 20%-40% of consumers search for home care are now using mobile devices- like iPads, Android Tablets, Smartphones, iPhones, and more.

This new Google algorithm does not affect those using desktop or laptop computers, only those from tablets and smartphones.

It is also important to note that Google’s new algorithm will apply worldwide, page by page, on a real-time basis, which means that every possible search from every possible location around the world will be under the same search rules. It does not mean that the U.S. will be affected first.

The page by page note means that a page’s mobile friendliness will be judged individually, which means that if your online catalog is mobile friendly but your forums and other parts of your site are not, the unfriendly parts will not cause your site to be discounted as entirely unfriendly.

By “real time,” Google means that you can expect to see the benefit of mobile ranking right away, not as things progress. The new ranking algorithm would kick in immediately for those mobile friendly pages. This is especially good news for those site owners who have already updated their pages, since in the past algorithm updates have been processed in batches.

This timliness works both ways, however, since if you make an update that makes your site pages unfriendly, the new algorithm would kick in for those pages the next time someone looks for your page.

Further, content that is from Android apps is now ranked in the search results for those who are signed in to Google and have an Android app installed on their mobile device.

Google’s goal with this new algorithm is to improve the searcher experience for those who use mobile devices. Since it is frustrating to land on a page that does not show correctly on a mobile device, items that are meant to be clicked often don’t work. This new algorithm will make it possible to read and touch features without resizing the pages to fit.

Google is also improving the interactive experience in its search results, so more mobile users will land on sites and have positive experiences and make them easier to use.

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