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Feed the monster.


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If you’ve tried to do content marketing for more than 5 minutes, you may have noticed that it’s an endless, soul-crushing GRIND, isn’t it?

Marketing geniuses are telling you to be everywhere, all the time. Podcasts. Videos. Blog posts. Tweets. More, more, more.

Here’s why that sucks:

1) The monster has an endless appetite. Content creation never ever ends. It’s an ongoing part of online marketing. If anyone tells you NOT to do all of these things, RUN. The problem is TIME. Having the time to create content is almost impossible. Hire someone to do it for you…I know just the team! 😉

2) Building an audience and creating an income. At LTCEP, we talk to people every day who need help winning the content game. A website just isn’t enough. It’s like having the same brochure for 5 years, 10 years… Your website, social media, e-newsletter NEED NEW STUFF.

3) You’re not really helping anyone if you don’t have a plan. Can we be honest? Lack of information isn’t the problem. Information is everywhere. The real reason people don’t have results is that they don’t have a STRATEGY, and someone to walk them through it. Great strategy + world-class support + accountability is what creates results.

If you’ve been looking down the barrel of a life spent grinding out content, and it seems impossible…you’re right.

Thank goodness there’s a better way.

You don’t have to create endless content to establish your authority. You need one team that handles it all for you.

You just need ONE amazing program.

You don’t need a certification. You don’t need a huge audience.

Right now, there are people all over the world who need your help. They have the problem that you solve, but they can’t fix it on their own. It’s not lack of information.

What they’re missing is YOU.

They’re on their knees, hoping and praying that someone like you – a truly caring person – will come along and show them the way.

If you want help getting your online marketing strategy together, let’s talk. Book a call here.

Talk soon,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Co-Owner, Author at LTC Expert Publications
Valerie VanBooven, Managing Partner/ Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications
Valerie’s motto and favorite saying is: “Impact is not created by big budgets, impact is created by innovative marketing ideas!”
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and the author of three books, Aging Answers (2003), The Senior Solution (2007) and Priceless Caregiving (2009). Her adventure in internet marketing began as a self-promotion experiment and ended up becoming a full time marketing consulting business for the elder care market.

Valerie has appeared on national television (Today Show), has hosted her own local radio show, and has been interviewed for dozens of publications and radio shows across the country regarding her business and the business of elder care.
She fast became the foremost authority in driving sales via the internet, seminars, and e-mail for senior service providers and elder care entrepreneurs.While Valerie’s best known for her expertise in marketing, her students share that her biggest impact comes from her ability to make things happen quickly, even on a small budget.
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