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Valerie V Show (Home Care Marketing Made Amazing)

2 SUPER Important Google Updates for for Home Care Websites in 2018, and How We Can Help

This past Thursday, Google announced on the Chromium blog that ALL HTTP (non-ssl) sites will be marked as “not secure”
beginning in July 2018. (So if your website does not start with HTTPS, you are affected.) With Chrome holding 59.32% of the desktop browser market share and 59.13% of the mobile browser market share…this is a big deal! Combine this announcement with the mobile speed ranking announcement (below)….and July is really shaping up to be a whopper of a month for Google changes!

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Valerie V Show EP 7: Q1 Power Hour- Home Care Marketing Q and A!

We are going to start with websites 2018, elements of a great lead generating website, and a lot of people have been asking those questions. What should I really be doing with regard to a website? Some of you may not need that information, we’re not going to spend a huge amount of time on it, just a little bit, and then I have a bunch of questions and answers that came from all of you. So we’re going to go through those, I think those will be the most helpful.

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