Home Care Content Strategies

LTC Expert Publications Announces National and Local “Approved Senior Network”

LTC Expert Publications (LTCEP) has initiated development of a national network of local senior care websites that will promote our publishing/SEO clients and help grow their referrals and leads. Google has changed it’s algorithm over the last 2 years to favor a hyper-local focus. LTCEP is working on a national and local network of websites that benefit participants in that way. LTCEP clients are the first focus of this effort.

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Need Home Care Content? Here’s How to write a Fabulous Article for Your Home Care Website.

Need Home Care Content?

Whether you are writing articles for your blog or as web content for a client, most basic rule of journalism 101, using the five Ws and 1 H, is a helpful habit to get into. Although not every story, article or blog that you write will require use of the five Ws and 1 H; most will and utilizing this habit is a great way to keep your readers interested in the article.

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