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Home Care Caregiver Recruiting – Various Clients, 4 Month Beta

Caregiver Recruiting Sucks Less

Many home care clients have come to us with similar challenges when trying to recruit and retain caregivers – CNAs, CHHAs, HHAs, PCAs, LPNs, RNs and more. They have multiple open cases with staffing needs, but can’t find qualified caregivers to fill these positions. Many agencies in our original survey indicate that they have turned business away due to the inability to staff the case.

Our clients’ locations for this project include New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Ohio, and Hawaii.

What are the challenges with caregiver recruiting?

  • Spending too much money on recruiting ads and services for very little ROI.Challenges of Caregiver Recruiting
  • Following up is time consuming and never ending.
  • Not being able to communicate well with potential applicants via email or phone call (the caregivers do not answer or email back)
  • Applications on website are not being filled out. These people are weary of applications and are ONLY using smartphones for this process, which makes long applications impossible.
  • Potential new-hires are not showing up for a scheduled interview.
  • Potential new-hires never bring in all of their paperwork.
  • Potential new-hires simply do not qualify – no car, no license, no certification, living outside of service area but still expressing interest, felony convictions and more.
  • Rural office locations with less resources and less applicants having a hard time finding candidates.

What challenges can we tackle, and what challenges are left to human element?

Challenges we can overcome:

  1. Decreasing cost of ads and man-hours on the front-end of recruiting. (Managing all ads and sending daily lists of candidates for HR /hiring person to follow up with.)
  2. Triaging applicants who do not qualify BEFORE they reach the HR person, so that only qualified applicants are presented to them each day. (assuming the applicant has not been untruthful in the process, which does happen frequently)
  3. Communication issues can be overcome in many cases. (Providing a two-way online app for texting, triage, and instant response)
  4. Following up in different ways with potential applicants who are no call/ no show for interviews.
  5. Setting interview appointments/ applications in-person for the HR person.


Challenges that are less likely to be overcome- the human element.

  1. Showing up for interviews.
  2. Turning in paperwork.
  3. Being hired but never taking any hours.


Our Process

Getting Started with Caregiver RecruitinWe invited up to 10 home care agencies to participate in a beta program. The fee is $495 set up and $495 per month for a 2 month commitment.

Our job is to provide candidates daily for these offices to follow up with and schedule interviews.

We asked each participant to stop all online advertising for the 2 month period, and let our team handle all of it. We absorbed the cost of the advertising.

Once their ads were running, we provided a daily excel spreadsheet with potential applicants. We screened out all job seekers who did not qualify based on the home care agency’s requirements.

Some of the requirements included:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Reliable transportation
  • Various certifications (CNA, HHA, CHHA etc)
  • Location in relationship to the jobs/office.

Two Way Texting, Screening, and Staff Communication

2-Way Texting When Recruiting CaregiversAt the 2-month mark we added in an online app for 2-way texting and triaging. This platform has changed the way all of our beta-testers do their recruiting.

Once a potential applicant sees an ad- they are instructed to text START to a phone number in their local area. A unique local phone number is assigned to each home care agency.

The home care agency staff can log in to the system from anywhere and text back and forth with potential qualified applicants, setting up appointments for interviews faster, and communicating with the potential applicant the way that person WANTS to communicate.

The home care agency staff can also take their entire CRM of potential caregivers- ones that never finished paperwork, or never showed up for an interview, and text all of these old applicants instantly through a bulk texting mechanism. The response is immediate, positive, and re-engages old applicants who now might be ready to make a change.

The home care agency staff can also upload their entire suite of hired caregivers and bulk text them when there is an open case, open shift, or a job that needs to be filled. This eliminates the need for calling and texting caregivers one-at-a-time. They simply express the need to fill a shift or a case with one text, and their entire arsenal of caregivers can respond if interested.

Observations So Far

  • For recruiting ads we felt that was not efficient. This site is typically used by people on unemployment. They fill out forms in an effort to prove they are hunting for a job, but have no intention of following up with the home care agency for a real interview. We do not use that online platform.
  • We chose 1-2 online job services along with Craigslist and Facebook Ads for generating the most qualified applicants in a short period of time.
  • The Facebook Ad process has now become extremely efficient in targeting caregivers by zip code and the return of applicants who qualify is high. This in combination with our other 2 services and Craigslist, has been successful in generating applicants.
  • The 2-way texting platform is by far the most effective for instant communication.
  • All participants have stayed on board beyond their initial 2-month commitment, since the introduction of 2-way texting availability.

Some of the Numbers:

  1. Recruiting NumbersOne agency has reported 5 hires (and working) in 60 days.
  2. One agency has received over 400 candidates from our process in 4 months
  3. Once agency who just recently started the program, receives a high volume of applicants from our system and has already had 2 hires (and working) in 30 days.
  4. Many agencies are still battling the no call / no show for interviews. Our plan is to take the 2-way texting platform a bit further with reminders for appts and paperwork needed.
  5. In a test of uploading 70 older applicants who fell off the map at some point, to the 2-way texting platform, and sending a bulk text to all 70 with an open positions announcement, the return response was well over 50% expressing interest.

Agencies Who Benefit from this Model

There is a certain profile of the agency who benefits from this program.

  1. They have 1 or 2 people on their staff dedicated to hiring/interviewing etc.
  2. Those people are open to new ideas and changes in some of their practices. (which we have heard is refreshing, because this is a tough job!)
  3. The agency is already spending over $500 per month on a combination of online ads and man-hours to do the HR portion of the phone calls, interviews/ paperwork etc.
  4. The agency is looking for a large volume of interested candidates in order to get the right new-hire.


LTC Expert Publications will continue to offer this program to home care agencies who meet the criteria for participating. The evolution of our online capabilities in a short period of time, proves to us that there is help out there for recruiting that is instant and viable.

If your agency would like to try our caregiver recruiting program for 2 months, please fill out our form HERE, or email [email protected] for more information. Or, call 888-404-1513 and leave us your information for follow up.

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