What Is the Best Approach to SEO for Home Care Agencies in 2018?

Here are the Important Considerations for Home Care SEO in 2018.

  1. Mobile everything!

  2. Website Speed.

  3. Website Security.

  4. Voice Search and Rich Snippets

At LTC Expert Publications we are constantly reading, watching, and learning more about SEO. It’s impossible to run a home care agency AND be an expert in everything SEO for Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. We do it so you don’t have to!

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

There is no way to over-emphasize just how important mobile is for everyone who has a home care business. Consumers are turning to their phones more and more as the devices most people now hold in their pockets are more than capable of delivering a full-blown web experience.

There is a very good chance that new, mobile-first designs will be a centerpiece of 2018 in web design and SEO. While the line between making websites perfect on mobile but also great on the desktop is very fine, webmasters should already know how to execute this perfectly.


More and more people are now going online. Home care websites which are designed simply, elegantly, and can run fast even on less powerful devices, will all be rewarded for their efforts.


SEO for Home Care in 2018

SEO for Home Care in 2018

Cybersecurity is not just another buzzword, despite what many unfortunate souls have believed thus far. If 2017 taught us anything about the web, it was that nothing is secure and that webmasters should be paying extra attention to cyber protection in the future.

Nightly backups of your website and daily malware scans are a MUST.

Google is strict when it comes to security. If your website has malware, it will be flagged online, and you might not even realize it!

Optimize for Voice Search – Which in turn, helps you show up in “Rich Snippets”

Now, with devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s “Home” being available at living rooms worldwide, voice search and digital assistants are bigger than ever. Optimizing your own SEO for these is certainly complicated but also very much worth it.

For instance, optimizing content for long-tail keywords is great, because that’s how we speak! We don’t say “home care chicago”, we say “Alexa, where can I find a home care agency in Chicago?”

Natural language queries are all the rage nowadays and Google will be more than happy to showcase websites which adhere to this trend.





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