Add One Thing to Your Website to Generate Home Care Leads

If you have paid any attention to your competitors’ websites lately, you may have seen something fairly new.

And, well, it’s pretty awesome. It looks like the image here- this is what we call Home Care CHAT.


The super cool thing is, we (LTCEP) have the ability to put this on almost any website.

What’s even more impressive- the people visiting your website can chat with you instantly…even if you are away from your desk….you can chat from your phone.

So, what if every time someone came to your website, and had a question, you could chat with them instantly from anywhere?

Leads would close faster.

Leads do close faster.

Catch them while they are in the midst of chaos, searching for answers.

The other important features are described below. This little lead miracle is $99 per month.

Not bad at all! Want this on your site? We can make that happen.

Fill out my form and we will get you all set up, trained, and closing leads right away.


Powerful features to double your conversion rate

We reinvented live chat software for sales and marketing success. Think of HomeCareChat as your smart sales assistant, working 24/7 to help you capture and qualify more leads. We invite your website visitors to start a conversation. The right member of your team is notified and can chat back instantly from any device. If your team is not available, your A.I. driven HomeCareChat bot will ask qualifying questions, collect contact details, and can even schedule appointments for you.

Pricing and Perks only Through LTCEP:

  • $99 billed monthly
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 300 Active Leads
  • A.I. Lead Capture Agent
  • Live Chat
  • Appointment Booking Optional
  • Email Support

Our Limited Time Special Offer for New Accounts:

  • 3 Templated Custom Branded Videos for Your Website, Facebook, YouTube
  • Free Access to private access.

Your Virtual Sales Assistant

Never miss an opportunity again. Your virtual sales assistant is an A.I. driven chatbot who engages every website visitor, asks qualifying questions, and captures lead details – 24/7/365.

Appointment Booking

Allow prospects to book appointments with you based on your real-time availability. Sync with your existing calendar and say goodbye to phone tag.

Industry Expertise

Select and customize the industry-specific lead generation script for your virtual sales assistant to follow. We’ve helped hundreds of home care businesses generate more leads.

Hybrid Live Chat

Take over from your virtual sales assistant to chat live with your visitors and leads. Get notified based on qualification level, so you only jump into the conversations that matter.

Secure & Encrypted

Our platform has been developed with user and data security at the forefront – including authentication via SHA, TLS Encryption, and server isolation. Rest assured, we take security seriously.

Intelligent Home Care Lead Routing

Home Care Leads are automatically routed based on qualifiers to the right location, department, and teammate for follow up. Get notified via email, text, and browser push notifications.

Simple to Use

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. HomeCareChat is for businesses that don’t have time to learn complex and clunky applications. Your HomeCareChat dashboard allows you to track, manage, and analyze conversations and leads so you never miss an opportunity. Add HomeCareChat to your site with a single line of code and start engaging your website visitors today.

Stop wasting your web traffic

Join the thousands of teams using HomeCareChat to generate more leads and close sales faster from their websites. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes and see the results for yourself.

Regulatory-Grade Security

At HomeCareChat, security isn’t in afterthought, it has been built into the heart of our systems and procedures since day one. We recognize that the privacy and integrity of every piece of data, no matter how minor, is critical. Whether it’s HIPAA compliance, dedicated backups, or detailed auditing, we’re committed to rigorous and comprehensive security.

Full Data Encryption – In Transit and At Rest

All data, whether being sent across the internet or residing in our secure databases, is encrypted in accordance the most up-to-date SSL/TLS standards.

Database Backups

We recognize how critical your data is. Database backups are conducted every 24 hours, with backup data encrypted and replicated across 2 AWS regions.

Access Controls

Strict limits and controls are placed on administrative access to infrastructure and data. Direct infrastructure access is recorded in a permanent audit log.

Data Sanitization

We employ industry-leading sanitization algorithms to protect chat communication channels from code injection attempts.

Isolated Network Environment

HomeCareChat’s Servers and Databases are hosted in dedicated Virtual Private Cloud, where all input and output of data is strictly controlled.

Business Associates Agreement

For HIPAA Covered Entities we offer the option to sign a Business Associates Agreement. HomeCareChat has a complete BAA chain linking through to our underlying infrastructure providers including AWS.

PHI-Cleansed Notifications

For PHI-restricted customers we offer optional removal of PHI from email, SMS, and Push notifications. This is replaced by a hyperlink to our authenticated CRM.

HTTPS Endpoints

All web traffic, including both HTTP requests and WebSocket communications, is served via secure network endpoints.

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