5 Ways to Amplify Your Home Care Content Marketing Today!

Home Care Content MarketingWhen you are engaged in search engine optimization (SEO) and online content marketing, there may come a time when you will experience little to no growth. When this happens, you should reconsider your current strategy and look for ways to recharge and amplify your content marketing efforts.

Even if your levels of traffic and engagement remain stable, you should always think ahead and evaluate methods to make your content stickier and more likely to achieve viral status. The following five recommendations will help you to either revive or fine-tune your content marketing strategy so that your audience is always engaged and eager to connect with your online properties.


1 – Think from a Visual Perspective

By now, everyone who knows a thing or two about SEO and Internet marketing will not consider publishing a piece of content without at least one graphic element; however, not everyone is paying attention to how visual content should be engaging.

Adorning an article with the first piece of stock photography that comes to mind does not serve the ultimate goal of visual content, which is to enhance the value of the written word. If you feel that what you are about to publish could benefit from an infographic, then you should include one. If the article makes you remember a certain video, find it and embed it.

2 – Keep an Eye on Your Peers and Competitors

Whatever similar or competing brands are doing in terms of content, you should try to emulate and do better. For example, if you are creating content for a law firm that specializes on traffic tickets and auto accidents, you can bet that other law firms are blogging about celebrity car crashes and DUI cases. Read their content and figure out what you can do better; perhaps you know of an author whose style is better, or maybe you can publish longer and more informative articles.

3 – Be a Good Social Media Netizen

Just because online social networking has become a massive echo chamber does not mean you have to contribute to the noise. Once you have collected a few hundred followers, you should take time to listen to their conversations. This is easy to do on Twitter thanks to its search function; for example, if you create content for a travel agency, check to see if your followers are talking about certain destinations you offer trips to. That should be your next content idea; publish it and go back to Twitter to reply and offer the link.

4 – Create Helpful Content

If you have inside information or tips on how to make any part of life easier, by all means create content about it and share it with your audience. Some of the most successful Vine videos, which are just six seconds long, are how-to guides on mixing cocktails, performing fun magic tricks, poker tips, etc. This is a great opportunity to apply the first recommendation on this list by thinking from a visual perspective.

5 – Find Your Audience

Some owners of micro businesses limit their online presence to a single social network, and they tend to do this after trying out various platforms. Fashion boutiques that choose to do business exclusively on Pinterest may be doing so because that is where they found the audience that was most receptive to their content. Finding the right audience is a matter of trial and error as well as reviewing analytics.


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