4 Months Later, Recruiting Caregivers Sucks Less.

Hi all- an update on a few things that are all caregiver recruiting related!

About 4 months ago we started a beta program that allowed for 10 offices to participate.

Today we have learned the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how to make caregiver recruiting suck less.

Caregiver Recruiting Sucks Less

Caregiver Recruiting Sucks Less

Things we’ve learned:

  1. If you are serious about needing more caregivers, you should have one person in your office in a position to be responsible for this activity. Trying to do it yourself, and a million other things (if you need a lot of caregivers) is a no-no.
  2. So far no person or app has been able to MAKE a potential employee show up for an interview (mind blown that people simply don’t show up) or bring all required paperwork.
  3. Sometimes it takes 200 interested contacts to make an actual hire.
  4. The insanity of this task is real. So real.
  5. Potential caregivers will not answer your emails or phone calls. (well 80% won’t) However, we ‘ve figured out a way…..

Good News:

  1. There is a super amazing new app / website in the universe that allows us to 2-way text with any interested caregiver. It organizes your contacts, you can see all of your open texting conversations, and it’s in REAL TIME.
  2. Potential employees will answer a few questions (pre-qualifying questions) and set up an interview time RIGHT THEN. Amazing.
  3. We can take all of your previous contacts with potentially interested parties, and upload their names and phone numbers (which are typically cell phones) into our system, and RE-ENGAGE with them to see if they want to learn about our clients’ open position. Dang.
  4. You can use the SAME system to instantly text all of your current employees to see if anyone wants to fill an open shift. (or other important messages)
  5. We can now target any zip code in the U.S. and advertise specifically to those zip codes for caregivers.
  6. Indeed is OUT.

Bad News:

  1. See #2 under “Things We’ve Learned”. Ugh.

So here’s the deal. 

If you are spending $500/month or more on advertising and man-hours, (interviews, paperwork etc) and you have a dedicated staff member who is willing to try something new…we can work with them and bring down your cost of acquisition a bit.

Our program costs $495 per month. We do all of the front end advertising, send daily reports with new candidates, and let you try the two-way texting system for free for 30 days (we teach you how to use it.)

We ask for a 2 month commitment, but most stay longer. (Except Hawaii, sorry guys, we tried.)

For a discussion and more information fill out our form and check the box that says “I Need to Recruit More Caregivers”.  https://www.ltcsocialmark.com/contact-us-about-elder-care-marketing/

You can also read more here: https://www.ltcsocialmark.com/home-care-caregiver-recruiting-easier-video-replay/

Thanks all and let’s get happier about recruiting. 😉


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