20 Minutes to More Home Care Leads and Better Home Care Business

10 Steps in 20 Minutes. Watch the Video!

1. Website

2. Weekly Content- Organic Results

3. Call-to-Action

4. Private Exclusive Home Care Lead Program

5. Authority Sites (content and links)

6. Social Media

7. Reviews

8. Newsletters

9. Using your online presence to get IN THE DOOR with potential referral sources and leads.

10. Avoid Follow Up Failure



Most home care business owners think about design when it comes to having a new website developed, but very few spend any effort considering the content that REALLY appeals to their market.

This is the biggest problem with most websites and most web design companies—they always focus on design or appearance and not compelling content.

I can show you example after example where “bad designs” convert better than beautiful designs simply because the content was developed in such a way to cause prospects to take action- pick up the phone and call the home care agency or fill out a form.

Black text on a white background can easily convert visitors into paying customers if the message is right.  Likewise, beautiful award winning designs can win you compliments, but who cares about compliments if they don’t turn into paying customers, right?

If your web design company asks you questions like, “what colors do you like?” or “what do you want your website to say?” or “when can you get the content of your website to me?” – those questions are important.  We are different because we include strategic marketing consulting with all of our web design packages.



Here’s what you need to do—think back to the time when you had your website created for your company. Now here’s the question—how much did you pay to have the content of that advertisement strategically created and formulated to ensure maximum results?

If you’re like most businesses, you probably paid nothing, right?

99.9% of the time, you only paid to have the website designed.

The content was usually just thrown together by the designer or the salesperson! But most of the time, the designers ask you to provide them with the content, right?

Think about it—the most important part of your website—that is, the content and message—was either ignored by the designer or put together for free by the designer (who usually doesn’t have any idea how to create good messaging anyway). And have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?” Well, I hate to tell you this, but if you never paid anybody to create the actual message or content for your website, then you got what you paid for.

Another way to test this out is to simply look at your existing website analytics and see how long people are spending on your website on average. If they’re not spending 2 to 3 minutes or more, then you’re probably not engaging them.